Features and Tips for Golf Bags

Features to be considered

The golf bags are available in different varieties and each one possesses different things. So it becomes confusing for the buyer to decide on which golf bag is to be chosen. There are certain features which you should check, match with your requirements and then make a purchase of the golf bag. Some of the features are the dividers and pockets. There are some other features also which can be checked while buying the golf bag. The straps and handles are to be seen. As you are handling the bag with the handle and straps you need to make sure that they are functionally proper.


The straps and handles should be such that even if you plan to walk on the course then they should have the sling over shoulder strap. The next feature is the umbrella holder which is a great feature which you must have in the golf bag. The umbrella holder so the feature which makes you to have the umbrella handy when there is rain. The rain hood is a good feature which is to be seen in the golf bag. The rain hood feature is not available in all the golf bags. It is the weather protection system which helps you to stay dry and protected in case of rain. 

Towel loop

The towel loop or ring feature is found outside the golf bags. The bags have some kind of towel holder external to the bag and it can be a ring, loop or clip. This is designed so that you can keep the towel and it can be used to wipe the dirt or debris from clubs. This helps in keeping the clubs clean as you can wipe the dirt from them before paling them into the golf bag.


The golf bag care tips are important as they help to keep the golf bag clean and keep it working. Whenever necessary you should clean the bag with the damp towel so that the dirt, pollen and debris are removed from the bag. You need to be careful about what you are placing in the pockets of bag. You should not keep them for long periods of time. Anything that gets wet during rounds should be removed from the pockets and it should be cleaned as directed. This will prevent the bag form molding. You should store the golf bag where it will not get dirty and where it is covered. 


Make Christmas Special For The Lady Who Made Life Possible For You

Why is Christmas special for you? As Santa Claus gives you gifts that you had been looking for months? Or as then you get quality time from your friends and family members? Have you ever thought that how Santa knew that you wanted this gift? As your mom always knew that her baby would love to have a watch or book or something else.

 Thus, now when you have grown up and you need to buy Christmas gift for mom, you are searching for ideas. You want to show her that you remember every moment that had been made special by her presence. Yeah, it’s true that mom is always special for you and thus you need Christmas gift ideas that would make her feel more special. 

Choose Something That Would Remind Her Of You

For making her feel good with your Christmas gift for mom, try to think of things that would remind her of your childhood. For a mother, nothing can be more special than few love words from her baby. Make an album of photographs from your childhood and present her. You cannot miss the water shining in her eyes when she flips through the pages of the album.

You can gift her with something else that would show that you cherish those days with her. This would make her feel better and the Christ gift would be more special for her. 

Gift Her With Some Tangibles

While choosing Christmas gift for mom, you can choose something that are tangible. Although they are always available to her, but when it’s from you she would feel great. Some Christmas gift ideas are

  • Take her to shopping; let her buy new dresses for her. Although she can buy new dress any time, but when it’s Christmas, it’s special. When she finds that you have taken out time from your busy schedule just to choose something that she loves, she would feel more special.
  • Women are women, and hence gift her with a day at the best Spa. This would not only make her feel young, but she would be delighted by the thought that her little kid has grown up now and wants their mom to be as beautiful as ever!
  • You may choose some home appliances that she had been looking for recently. The thought that you care for her needs would be overwhelming for her this festive season and that would surely reflect in her mood. 

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Advantages of Using a Golf Rangefinder

A golf rangefinder is an electronic device that looks kind of like a one lens binocular. It will permit you to rapidly and precisely decide how far away you are from some points on the course. You can utilize it when shooting for the pin, looking to maintain a strategic distance from a risk, or planning for your drive off the tee. As opposed to attempting to ascertain in your mind how far that fairway marker is, you can utilize your golf rangefinder to get a speedy and exact yardage gauge. This makes it much less demanding to settle on what club to hit, and will ideally help you bring down your scores. 

Utilizing a golf rangefinder

Utilizing a rangefinder is straightforward. You simply need to take a target at a focus on the course (i.e. yardage marker, flag, tree, etc.), and push button or press the trigger. The device will shoot an undetectable laser shaft at the target, which is then reflected back to the device to figure out the exact distance. The rangefinder will then immediately show the yardage for you. It is just as simple as shooting with a camera; you locate your object and then press the button to click. 

Photo: Bushnell
Photo: Bushnell

Advantages of using a Rangefinder

The best golfers on the planet use golf rangefinder, so is there any valid reason why you shouldn't? With exact and itemized yardage data, you will have more trust in choosing your club, and have the capacity to bring down your scores. It will be particularly helpful on the off chance that you are playing on another, new course.

Remember that the best golf rangefinder can cost you even of a couple of hundred dollars. All things considered, an interest in a rangefinder may not be something that you appear to be justified, despite all the trouble to you. It is best that you consider the amount of utilization you will escape from a rangefinder before you make the buy. While energetic golfers will positively get their cash's justified regardless of, the same isn't to be said for the individuals who just get the clubs a few times each year

Whether you are playing golf on regular basis or at intervals, with the best golf rangefinder you would find that playing the game becomes interesting. You can complete the game in less number of strokes and enjoy the game. 


Water: what's safe

Is tap water safe to drink? One of the more confounding problems with tap water is the presence of Cryptosporidium (a large word for a tiny microorganism that can cause gastrointestinal distress. Cryptosporidium is a highly resilient microscopic parasite that enters the water supply through agricultural run-off and/or sewage leaks. Testing methods for this parasite are still being worked on and are currently not very reliable.Bottled water is collected from underground water sources and, as a result, is much less likely to harbor contaminants.

Other pathogens discovered in public water supplies include Ecoli, Giardia and cyclospora, all of which can cause widespread public health problems. For infants, the elderly and immune-compromised people (those with HIV, AIDS or who are undergoing chemotherapy or organ transplants), bottled, distilled or boiled (and then chilled water might be a better choice.

Measures to ensure safe water consumption:

  • Boil your tap water for at least one minute to eliminate potential pathogens.
  • Consume bottled water that is derived from a protected underground source or that has been subjected to one of the following: distillation, reverse osmosis or one micron absolute filtration.
  • Install specified NSP reverse-osmosis filters for the faucet or under the sink.
  • Do not contaminate safe water with ice cubes made from tap water that was not boiled.
  • Wash your hands vigorously with soap after using the rest room and before handling food.
  • Do not drink from, and try not to swallow water from, lakes, rivers and swimming pools.


How do I know if an intestinal problem might be caused by drinking water?


Cryptosporidiosis can be difficult to diagnose and can be mistaken for the flu or other intestinal problems or food poisoning. Diarrhea, abdominal cramps, low-grade fever, nausea and vomiting may occur 2 to 3 days after ingestion. If these symptoms last for more than 2 or 3 days, see your physician for further evaluation.


What about lead in my tap water?


Exposure to lead has been linked to lower IQ, memory impairment, learning disabilities, limited attention span, as well as impairment to the developing nervous systems of fetuses, infants and young children. Most of the lead found in tap water is derived from household plumbing, lead pipes, copper pipes with lead solder or chrome-plated brass fixtures. Chronic low levels of lead exposure in adults has been linked to kidney damage and high blood pressure.


If you suspect that you have lead in your water, contact your local health authority or a state-certified laboratory and have a sample tested. The Water Quality Association recommends an ion exchange water softener. A reverse osmosis system or activated carbon system filter will also eliminate lead from your water. Make sure to run your tap water for at least three minutes in the morning before the first use of the day...this will "flush" out any lead that has accumulated in your pipes overnight. Also, try to cook with cold tap water instead of hot water (hot water tends to allow lead in pipes, solder and faucets to leach into the water). For more information on lead contamination in your drinking water, call the EPA Safe Drinking Water Hotline for a free booklet.


Dr. Levine is an associate professor of nutrition in medicine, Cornell University Medical College, where she serves as director of nutrition at the Strang Cancer Prevention Center. She is also an adjunct faculty member of Rockefeller University and the research coordinator of the Clinical Nutrition Research Unit at NY Hospital-Cornell Medical Center.